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Standard Edition

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Property Intellect is widely used in the residential lettings market by landlords, investors and managing agents.

First launched in 2003 and updated constantly, our products are used by over 5000 people in the UK and overseas. You may already have used a  version of our software  in the form of the widely popular  ‘RLA Document Printer 2.0’ software series.

We don’t ‘buy’ empty recommendations like some others - we simply work hard to produce ‘best of breed’ software that always leads the field.

Our entry level property management system that offers a rich set of property management tools that put other products in the shade. Full accounting is included too, so there’s no excuse for using paper and pencil any more!


  • Our property accounting system. Accountant friendly, it can export figures at the touch of a button.
  • Manage up to 200 properties
  • The elegant Overview screen that presents a simple and graphical way to do the tasks that you need to get done.
  • A powerful reminder and notification system so you never need miss a gas check or due date.
  • All the standard management tools that you’d expect from a top-flight system
  • Basic letter templates and tenancy agreement
  • Synchronise your contacts, tenants and suppliers with Microsoft Outlook™ and your PDA.

Property Intellect Standard Edition is ideal for:

  • Letting agents who are just starting up - perhaps as part of an estate agent, where you need a solid computerised system but do not need the cost of large system.
  • Established small letting agencies who wish to reduce their administration overhead or increase their profitability

Advanced Edition

Need a little bit more? Grow your client base with the help of the Advanced edition of Property Intellect. Building on the capabilities of the Standard version, it really makes the most of the accounting and management engines under the hood to create a system that is both flexible and scalable.

Includes everything in the Standard Edition, plus:

  • An increased property limit of 500 rental units. Purchase more ‘as and when’ your business grows and you need the extra headroom.
  • Instantly networkable, the system includes a two user network licence so two people can work on the same data at the same time (requires an existing network between computers).
  • Record and manage staff expenses claims.
  • Additional letter templates.
  • A first for Property Intellect: introducing the Advanced ‘Instant Statistics’ tool allows you to summarise data such as total rent due, amounts paid etc. on any grid - instantly! No other comparable tool exists!
  • Record Travel miles to and from your rental properties.
  • Keep your Outlook and PI always in in harmony with the ‘Auto-Sync’ feature.

Property Intellect Advanced Edition is ideal for:

  • established letting agents
  • those who want to network the data to any number of users
  • those who need the more powerful features
  • those with businesses or branches in more than one currency
  • those who run their business through a company with employees
  • environments where you need to specify exactly who can see and edit data (requires additional permission module)

* normally each tenancy would need to be entered as a rental unit on the system so the number of units being managed may not be the same as the number of physical properties. System limits apply to the number of rental units, not properties.


Support is provided via our email ticket system. In most cases a solution can be emailed to you by return, but if necessary tickets are escalated for discussion by phone or a technician can take remote control of your PC for diagnosis or corrective action.

Optional Extras

Add more functionality to your system with optional extras!

  • System Limit Expansions: Need to add more properties or businesses? No problem, the system scales (very economically) with you!
  • User Permissions: Add a complete permission system so you can control who sees what data - right down to individual items. Set permissions for whole groups of employees on just about every aspect of the program. This item requires the Advanced edition of Property Intellect.


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